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Admitting your pet for an anaesthetic or sedation, for whatever procedure, is a very worrying thing for you the owner. We would like to reassure you about the safety of our anaesthesia. We are confident about our anaesthesia for the following reasons.:
  •  we use a combination of a mild sedative injection to relax your pet, followed by an intravenous (into the vein) injection that will anaesthetize your pet briefly (count back from 10!), then just like in humans, anesthesia is maintained by intubating (et tube down throat) and administering a mix of anaesthetic gas and 100% oxygen.
  •  anaesthetics are consistent by means of an ECG and with our trained and qualified veterinary nurse, at all times.
  •  After the procedure is finished and your pet is being recovered from an anaesthesia, we monitor recovery closely and keep your pet warm. Extra pain relief is administered as needed.
Procedure for admitting your pet for an anesthetic:
No food after 9 pm the evening before an operation, and no food in the morning before coming in.
Avoid scavenging opportunities i.e. Bins.
Allow free access to clean water as normal.
Take dogs for a short walk, on a lead before dropping them into us, to allow for toilet opportunity.
We admit pets for operation between 9 am and 10 am, unless otherwise arrange.
Please phone in to check your pets progress, usually between 2-3 pm, again unless advised otherwise.
At this point you will be given an appropriate collection time.
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